Existing Solutions are ineffective 

Requires patients to change behaviour




At Albus Health, we are building a monitoring system for objective clinical research as well as truly personalised asthma care at home. 





Personalised Interventions

Asthma affects the lives of over 330 million people globally. In the UK alone, every 3 seconds someone has a potentially life-threatening asthma attack resulting in a deep patient and economic impact, with two thirds of the deaths being preventable. One of the key reasons for this is the failure in objectively monitoring symptoms and identifying early warning signs at home. Of the nearly 1400 people in the UK who die due to asthma each year because of Asthma, nearly 45% die before they even reach the hospital.


We have developed a small non-contact table top device that monitors respiratory symptoms at home without the patients having to do or wear anything. Our algorithms convert the information from remote wireless sensors in the device to clinically relevant information using signal processing and machine learning. We are developing tools to track the early warning signs and enable patients (and their families) to take the necessary action at home and in time to prevent attacks.

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