Our Approach

At Albus Health, we are have developed a fully automated and non-contact monitoring system for objective clinical respiratory research as well as truly personalised asthma care at home. 

Existing monitoring solutions, such as symptom diaries and peak flow tests, are ineffective 

Requires patients to change behaviour



High missing data

Albus Home RD overcomes these critical limitations through: 





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High quantity and
quality of data


Each year, pharmaceutical companies spend over $15 billion in respiratory clinical trials alone. Yet, the only tools they have to capture symptoms at home are subjective and unreliable Patient Reported Outcome Measures (such as symptoms diaries) that lead to high missing data, and increased risk of rejected label claims.

Albus Home RD is a tabletop device that does not require patient contact or interaction with the device for continuous, objective and long term symptom monitoring. 


Developed through multiple InnovateUK awards, Albus Home RD is product-ready and is being deployed in various respiratory clinical studies, including with one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies in the respiratory space.


Asthma affects the lives of over 330 million people globally. In the UK alone, every 3 seconds someone has a potentially life-threatening asthma attack resulting in a deep patient and economic impact, with two thirds of the deaths being preventable. One of the key reasons for this is the failure in objectively monitoring symptoms and identifying early warning signs at home. Of the nearly 1400 people in the UK who die due to asthma each year because of Asthma, nearly 45% die before they even reach the hospital.

Together with our Albus Home monitoring device, we are developing predictive algorithms that convert the information from remote wireless sensors in the device to clinically relevant information using signal processing and machine learning. We are developing tools to track the early warning signs and enable patients (and their families) to take the necessary action at home and in time to prevent attacks.

To this end, we were awarded the prestigious NIHR and NHSx AI in Health and Care award, recently announced by the UK Secretary of State for Health at the 2020 London Tech Week. Our first product for healthcare will be focussed on children suffering from asthma, who currently lack reliable tools for their care at home.


2020 has been a year of unprecedented changes with the COVID19 pandemic. In the clinical arena, this has brought a shift into remote patient monitoring and assessment for the long-term, with many changes here to stay.

The reductions in face-to-face contact brings significant challenges to both clinical researchers and clinicians, with a lack of tools designed for use in a home environment for remote monitoring. Our Albus Home RD monitoring solution can be deployed fully remotely end-to-end, and can help research to continue efficiently, and could provide clinicians with monitoring data to help them make the right decisions remotely.